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A personal note from the Managing Director…

Welcome to “Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd” web site…

We have a particular pride in our reputation for quality, reliability, service, and value, and recognize the customer is the fundamental element of our business from initial contact to after sales service.

Such is our reputation that high-end restoration companies for both motor cycles and motor cars are happy to entrust us with their ongoing projects which includes both classic and modern.

It is in our joint interest that Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd maintains its reputation. The success of the organization and the well-being of the staff depend on one thing, and that is you the customer. We have an adage “Do it once do it right”, cheap in the end normally proves to be more expensive. So do not be fooled by lower costs.

Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd are not cheapest but paying for quality work is priceless, by offering our ** five year warranty ** or now our ten year warranty speaks for itself and gives you the client piece of mind. We stand by our promise and if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our work, we will endeavor to correct any problem.

Quality of materials is always in the forefront of our purchasing of products, suppliers as DuPont, Axzo Nobel supplying us with Agricultural and architectural powders manufactured to a extremely high standard.

We endeavour to understand and be responsive to our customers’ requirements, and constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of our business, and dealings with the trade and private clients.

Please feel free to call if you have experienced any problems with us or you just need to talk through a project you have in mind. We are here to help you so go ahead and pick up the phone and call us on 01621 841100.

Remember our motto (Do it once do it right). Our work will last you for many years to come, as powder coating is extremely chip resistant over stove or wet paints.

Maldon Shotblasting & Powder Coating…for all your shotblasted and powder coated projects…

Located in Heybridge Maldon (A12 corridor) a prime location within easy reach of the M25 and Motorway routes.

We are a family run company dedicating our time and effort to the individual client….



Suppliers of Qualicoat powders. For further information go to www.qualicoat.net/aq.asp

With customer needs paramount we offer an overnight collection and delivery service (subject to weight) and payments made by any major credit or debit cards, or a 30 day company account can be set up (subject to status).

With up-to-date plant & machinery you can be sure of the best possible finish and fast turn-around.

5yr_warrantee_newOur 5 year guarantee

There are few if any powder coaters offering this 5 year guarantee on work carried
out on domestic restoration projects. By using the correct materials and close attention
to detail we have little to worry about when it comes to returned work. However there
are limits to what any coating can take and therefore there are certain terms and
conditions that must be understood before making a claim.


Same day powder coating services now available…
If you would like to use our services but the traveling time and distance may put you off, then we may have a solution for you;
Our newly introduced same day service…


How does it work and what do you need to do?

You will need to.

Call our sales desk and book a day that will be suitable for both parties.
Be clear and precise on what you require at the time of your call.

Please do not turn up without making arrangements first.

Arrive no later than 9am, any later may jeopardise the work.
Any later than 10am then the work will not go-ahead on the same day.

A small fee of £25.00 will be required at the time of booking; this will be deducted from your invoice when the work is completed.

If you do not arrive, the booking fee is non-refundable. (At our discretion)

In the case of motorcycle and car parts, please make sure all parts are cleaned and all bearings, bushes, tyres are removed.

Make a list of parts and take photographs for your records. Please supply us with copies.

Check to see if any extra repair work may be required, and tell us at the time of booking, for example, welding work required or rust damage that will need extra attention.

Failure to carry out the above may hold up the progress of work.

Have a mobile phone so we can contact you should we have any problems or to tell you when the work is completed.

What may go wrong and will not allow us to complete the work on the same day.

Extra repair work that will require engineering skills by a third party.

Severe rust damage.

Circumstances unforeseen such as machinery breakdown/power cuts or staff illness. In this case, we will forward the work onto you at our cost.

Too many parts to complete on the same day, (in this case we will forward the rest of the work onto you by overnight delivery service within a few days. A delivery charge will be made for this service.

This service does not include two pack and any wet paintwork as this will take longer to prepare and finish. Therefore, no same day service is possible.

What you would expect from us?

We will endeavor to complete the work by 5pm the same day.

You will be covered by our five year anti corrosion warranty. (subject to terms & conditions)

No extra charge will be made our standard prices or hourly rate will apply.

How will I pass the time?

Maldon town and the surrounding idyllic area have a fair amount on offer i.e. good pubs, restaurants, museums and other places to visit.

Our high street has a good range of shops. For further information, please check out the link under recommended links on our web site.

There are riverside walks along the Blackwater or the Crouch and the Famous Maldon Promenade Park.

If you would like to take a short break there are places to stay overnight such as the Blue Boar Hotel in Maldon High Street or several local guesthouses (we can recommend the Limes guest house) offering good food and overnight accommodation.

If you would like us to arrange an overnight stay for you then please feel free to ask. A booking deposit will be required for this.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your work with us, we are always happy to help.

Plant & equipment:

1 x 9 mtr long x 1.5 mtr wide x 2.2 mtr high LPG conveyor line oven with built in box oven and double doors.

Box batch oven 3.4 mtr x 2.2 mtr.

1 x 3-mtr Electric curing oven (new for 2011

3 mtr Vixen 3 stage Phoswash machine.(new for 2011)

2 X waterwash powder coating booths.

3 x Gamma electro-static Powder coating guns

1 x Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressor
20 c-f-m.

Refrigeration air line and compressed air drying plant.

1 x Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressor
200 cfm.

Aqua Blasting Cabinet

Bead Blasting Cabinet

Shot Blasting Cabinet

Shot blasting room (will take family size car)

Wet paint spray room

Netgragh screen printing bench

New addition to our plant & equipment Vixen phoswash pre-treatment machine, 3 stage phosphate process. Gives excellent paint adhesion, and prolongs the life of any powder coating or wet paint work, tests proof that the phosphated surface passes a 1000 hr salt spray test without any other coating..
The latest Aqueous degreasing cleaning system from Vixen Surface Treatments that is a vital stage of the paint process, ensuring the services we provide is one of the best you would expect from a quality coater.

Offering a large capacity this machine will accommodate up to 3mts in length 1.2 mtr high & 1.3 mtr deep and a weight capacity of 1 ton.
The machine also provides us with the capability to supply Phosphate coating to Defence Standard 03-11

This compliments our range of high quality wet and powder paint finishes, which will also meet the Aerospace and Defence industries exacting standards

Vixen Phoswash which is ideally suited to metal fabrications pre-treatment prior to any coating.

Phosphate process and has an electric warm air dryer fitted to maintain the temperature inside the wash chamber and to assist with flash drying. Combined with our automated aqueous degreaser to ensure the perfect surface preparation possible prior to powder coating.

The phosphate process helps to further protect metal products and gives a good etched surface for any paint system with excellent adhesion properties.

Please read.

The following terms and conditions apply Maldon Shot Blasting will be MSB within this document.
• Vehicles are parked at owners own risk Personal possessions are left at owners own risk
• Unless escorted by a member of staff no members of the public or sales representative are allowed into any part of the MSB works premises, if you enter without permission it will be at your own risk. The showroom is the only part of the building members of the public or visitors are permitted.
• Goods are left at owners or agents risk, damage and or theft will not be covered by MSB..
• All prices quoted are subject to addition of VAT at the ruling rate.
• MSB is a V.A.T. registered company. Work will not be undertaken on a cash basis, all work will be issued with a vat invoice. Vat will be charged at the set rate.
• MSB reserve the right to refuse work.
• MSB reserve the right to remove clients using reasonable force if required from the building who in our opinion act in an unbefitting or threatening manner.
• Violence and foul language will not be tolerated and threats to members of staff or clients, this will be taken seriously and may be reported and dealt with by the police.
• Notwithstanding that an order/job has been placed/received Maldon Shot Blasting reserves the right to pass onto the purchaser/customer as an addition to the agreed price to be invoiced and paid in the same way any increase of materials or parts bought in by Maldon Shot Blasting for use in connection with the order/job which comes into effect after the date of acceptance of the order
• Extra work may be required to complete the job to a satisfactory finish. MSB would normally with permission of the client carry out such work; in the case where the client cannot be contacted then MSB reserve the right to carry out such further work and the client will be charged to complete the said work to a good standard.
• Shot blasting items will be at the risk of the client and MSB, although every care is we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during this process. In some cases where the item or items are not suitable for blasting and /or parts that may be damaged that have not been removed by the client before work commences a verbal warning of the possible risks and general damage will be given and sign the job sheet or verbally agree to the work being carried out.
This is totally at the client’s risk. Shot blasting is an aggressive procedure. All parts not to be shotblasted should be removed by the client.
• In the case of Aqua, bead or shot blasting any parts. This also is carried out at the client’s risk. Once the process has been completed, the client should satisfy him/her self that all residue grit/media used within the process has been removed before re-assembly of any parts blasted.
• Unless otherwise stated transport delivery, delivery insurance and other further costs where applicable will be charged extra.
• All payments not received when payable will be considered overdue and remain payable by the customer together with the interest for late payment at 2% per month until payment.
• Goods not collected or paid for after a period of six months and one day shall be offered for sale to a third party to recover any losses suffered by MSB. Property of goods will not pass to the customer until the goods have been paid for in full together with any money and interest due
• The schedule despatch time is an estimate only and actual despatch may be earlier or later according to factors outside our control.
• Risk for loss or damage to goods passes to the customer at the time of despatch/hand over.
• Upon collection, we ask the client to check the goods and to make sure it is to their satisfaction. If the goods are not checked before leaving our premises then any fault found arising from transport or careless handling will not be rectified by M.S.B. Damage can be repaired at the clients cost.
• Warrantees/guarantees are non-transferable on sale of said items. Unless first agreed with MSB.
• On any claim, a sales invoice for said goods must be produced at the time of claim.
• In cases when it is agreed that Maldon Shot Blasting will arrange transport and/or delivery and/or insurance of the goods from despatch nominated by the customer, it shall be deemed to do so as the customers or agent and subject to its fulfilling its agency obligations shall have no liability towards the customer, in respect of such transport and insurance. In a case of disagreement Maldon Shot Blasting will make every effort to correct any mistakes and insure that the client has been satisfied, however should no agreement be reached then we may agree to third party intervention.
• It shall be the customer’s responsibility to check goods upon collection / delivery and to notify Maldon Shot Blasting within 24 hours of collection/delivery of any apparent defect or short delivery.
• The customer shall keep the goods involved in the same state and place (subject to reasonable steps to protect them from harm) as at the time of the defect or short delivery was discovered until Maldon Shot Blasting have made an inspection (which it will do so as soon as reasonably possible) or waive its right of inspection. Any claim in respect of any matter not so notified or goods not kept shall be deemed to be waived. It shall further be the customers obligation to notify any such matter to the carrier
• Maldon Shot Blasting reserves the right to make despatches in instalments and the agreement constituted by the order shall be severable as to any such instalment. Delay in despatch or other default in any instalment shall not relieve the customer of his obligation to accept and pay for the balance of the order
• All parts may need to be checked by a specialist ultrasound company as there maybe other unfound cracks within your frame. This is for your safety.
• We make a visual check Maldon Shot Blasting cannot be held responsible for any failure of your frame or any other
• parts.
• Marine work..
• Marine work shall only be covered by any guarantees provided the parts or vessels are maintained and cleaned every 2 weeks, any damage to coated parts will render any warrantee null & void. Marine work will only carry up to twelve months warrantee unless otherwise agreed at the time of order/purchase.
• We recommend that all oil seals, bearings, rubber bushes, plastic, or any other part not suitable for powder coating to remove prior to dropping off work. MSB is not responsible for any damage to the above parts; we also reserve the right to make extra charges to the client for removal of the above parts. MSB does not refit any mechanical parts.
• Oil, grease, petrol or any other liquid not removed at the time of dropping off and needs to be removed a charge will be made for removal and disposal.
• The client should make a list & where possible take photographs of their parts before delivery of goods. Any special instructions to be made clear and in written form, we cannot accept verbal instructions.
• By entering to a contract with MSB you automatically agree with the terms and conditions set out in this document. This document is freely available at our premises.
• Guarantee / warrantee’s
• MSB offers a five year Guarantee / warrantee. This is subject to the following conditions/ and or a ten year if the option is taken at the time of order placement.
• 1. All parts must cleaned at least once every two weeks using suitable cleaning materials, soft non abrasive non silicon cleaners must be used. Using any other cleaners will render warrantees null & void.
• The product/ items will be cleaned and polished with a good quality non-abrasive polishes as above
• Parts regularly kept within 2 miles of any seacoast of estuary will not be covered for no more than a period of 12 months.
• Parts that need repair under our warrantee must be striped down to component parts, Dismantling / cost of removal of parts is not covered by our warrantee.. Cost of refitting is not covered by our warrantees.
• Damage by stone chips, impact of any kind, or third party repair work will null and void all agreements.
• Parts that cannot be reached by our process will not be covered, suitable measures should be carried out by the client to cover/ protect parts by using,. Wax oil of similar product should be employed.
• The use of chemicals or cleaners containing chemicals that damage paintwork will void any Guarantee / warrantee.
• MSB reserve the right to allow an expert third party to inspect the goods and will stand by the decision made by the third party
• Client’s instructions shall be recorded and noted on work sheets. Any change to any part of the work requested once started may lead to extra charges.
• This document does not affect your statuary rights.
• Every care will be taken with clients products and MSB will endeavour to carry out work to the client’s satisfaction.
• Wreck less use/ lack of maintenance/ cleaning of refurbished work will null & void any agreements made with Maldon Shot Blasting and the client or agent, the product must be for its original purpose. Although every care is taken and adequate, security is in place MSB states that customer goods left on premises will be at owner’s risk.
Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd
Customer notice Regarding alloy parts to be powder coated
• Please note, in some cases alloy parts that show signs of corrosion can lead to problems as follows.
• All corrosion must be removed by blast cleaning this will normally leave pitting where the corrosion has eaten into the sub-straight.
• Powder coating alone may not deal effectively with the scaring, although it will give a very good and long lasting protection.
• If you the client require an “as new” finish, further work will be required and should be stated at the time of order.
• In some cases, our “Thermobond 3” filler will take care of this but it will reflect in the cost of the final invoice due to
extra labour and material costs. If the corrosion is to the point of being dire then we may refuse the work.
• Another option is to carry out two-pack work; however, this will be expensive due to the cost of labour and materials.
• Please also note that these problems are not immediately obvious at the time of presentation to us, if this is the case we will take steps to inform the client.
• Gassing out.
• In some cases, gassing out (release of gas from alloy parts under heat) can be a problem.
• This normally happens with older materials or poor castings or where corrosion has eaten in to the base. There is no real remedy for this except to allow the product some time to degas under heat in our curing ovens, this does not always work and if this is the case the only alternative with this problem is to wet paint the product. Again, this will reflect in the costs, as the process can be labour intensive.
• If you choose to ignore this advice, MSB will carry out the work at your own risk.
• Warrantee will only be for a period of twelve months or at our discretion where gassing out has accused.
• Prices and or estimates do not include charges for any extra repair work necessary to complete the work to a reasonable standard.
• We will contact you to explain should any of the above be the case with your work, and ask how you would like to proceed.
• This document forms a part of out terms & conditions.
• Does not effect your legal statutory rights.