New Heat Resistant Crinkle Paint by msbpc…

At last a powder coated CRINKLE system for Dash Boards, Cam Covers Plenum Chambers & Engine Parts.

No more rattle cans giving an uneven or inconsistent finish.
Available from stock. In Ferrari Red or Black.

Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd. now offers a new Crinkle powder coating system for a variety of cam covers and engine parts in Black or Ferrari Red. This new system has been approved by three local car restoration companies, JD Classics, Fox Hoyle Racing & Jennings Engineering.

Our work is carried out to a very high standard;  for instance cam covers are chemically stripped (no acids are used) then washed and  ultra cleaned in our phosphate plant,  threads and inner chambers are then masked off.

Some clients require us to mill off raised areas of the work such as logo’s and ribbed parts for a better effect. This can be done in two ways, either by a simple D.A fine sanding of by milling. Milling leaves a far superior surface, however this will add further costs to the work as a local engineering company carries out this work on our behalf.

If you are interested in this new powder coating finish, we would be happy to run a small sample, using parts supplied by the client.  Sample swatches can be supplied on request.

We are happy to deal with the trade and will arrange discounts.

“My cam cover arrived, it is fantastic! This is a scrap yard part cleaned up and powdercoated in crinkle/wrinkle red.”