Shotblasted & Powder Coated Chassis Work –


Before blasting work the chassis are steam cleaned to remove salts oil and general contaminants. Once blasted a full check is carried out for rust damage, broken welds or fitting.

After careful preparation and paying attention to detail powder coating can match most wet paints on items as this with the added bonus of outlasting wet paint by years. This product used is impervious to oil grease, brake fluid, road salt, and most corrosive chemicals. Resistant to stone chipping and very flexible. Highly recommended for any under body work.

Coating materials can be one of several choices.

1. Self healing powder coat primer coat and a epoxy polyester finish coat with a large colour range.

2. Plascoat PPA-571, this product does not require a primer coat, however we do apply two coats. Plascoat is hard wearing and chip resistant. It also has the added benefit of extreme flexibility and is very resistant to acids, salts and any automotive fluid.

3. Ab-site a DuPont product extremely tough but limited to a few colours.

We would  recommend Plascoat for every day use vehicles or Epoxy polyesters for a pleasing finish for show or classic vehicles.

Another E-Type Blast Cleaned…
E Type Jag body shell bead blasted taking out all the old body filler and rust, leaving a clean and smooth surface with no distortion leaving a clean and relatively fine finish. No wrapping or blast damage…

BUNDLE pack for motorcycle restoration


Blasting for Max Coverage

This VW body pan had the full anti-corrosive treatment.


Schedule of work:
Clean and remove dirt & grease contaminants, blast clean leaving a clean etched & rust free surface.

Apply 100 micron coat of 99.9% pure zinc metallization coating all areas and masking off all threads. Degas to remove any trapped gas built up within the zinc coat.

Remove from the curing oven and apply the first coat of Gloss black Plascoat PPA-571 (no primer coat required) whilst the material is still hot, this helps adhesion to the more difficult parts to reach .Bake off and reapply second hot coat. The overall final coats will be around 300 microns inc zinc coat. The added weight to this will be around 8 kgs.

2 door range rover blast cleaned & prime coat.


Austin A60 van blasted & primed off to the custom shop.

Car Body Blasting

XK 140 Jaguar chassis, blast cleaned, metallized, zinc primed & satin black powder coated. Ready to head for the racing circuit.

One BMW fine bead blasted

Viva Part bead blasted, I have never seen a body shell in such good condition.

Triumph Spitfire Car Body Blasting

Blasted and Restored Body Shell

Blasted and Restored Porsche Body

Porsche Blasted Body

Another restored Porsche body shell
This according to the body shop this had been rebuilt and fully repaired by another resto company, however after blast cleaning the bodge work was only to apparent. It pays to do your homework when choosing the right company to carry out this sort of work.