Powder coating is an advanced coating process which offers a long lasting and durable finish.Applying a decorative finish which protects and prolongs the life of a wide range of materials.

The dry powder coating process involves electro statically charged that are sprayed onto a electrically grounded surface. The substrate is then heated and cured while the powder is baked on. The result is a uniform, durable,high-quality finish with exterior durability, Polyester powders are particularly resistant to ultra violet radiation.

We can provide a wide range of Colour selection including dead matt and a high gloss finish. A range Textured finishes and special effects  are also available.

The Powder coating process is environmentally safe.


Why does it need shot blasting?

Shotblasting removes all contaminants such as rust, old paint.
Gives a good key which starts the powder or painting process.

This process will also reveal any problems like corrosion or broken weld joints that would not normally be apparent. Good preparation is paramount to an effective finish.

Our new three stage cleaning & phosphate machine will be employed if products do not need blast cleaning. This ensures a clean / etched surface for good adhesion of the powder or paint.

How can we offer our unique  warranties.

Using the correct methods, high quality materials, efficient plant & equipment and experienced staff.
Please do not be fooled by some who offer a cheap job, we have seen the results and they are not pretty and will be more costly in the long run.
“Do It once do it right”.

We also offer Aqua and bead blast cleaning for the more gentle approach to valuable products.