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Powder Coated Car Parts

Perfection is our aim.
Having the best powders money can buy and applied by experienced hands by MSBPCL.

Some of our recent work….

Increasing Engine Performance

Increasing Engine Performance

Ceramic coatings not only look great – they also help to reduce heat radiation and in some cases, increase engine performance.

Blast Cleaned & Powder Coated Rims

Blast Cleaned & Powder Coated Rims

These rims have been blast cleaned, powder coated in zinc base primer with black & chrome effect rims. Finally, a lacquer coat applied for a great finish.

Land Rover Piston Coat

Land Rover Piston Coat

Piston coatings improve the thermal efficiency of the engine system, and provide a custom appearance with flat, satin finishes.

Chrome Effect

Chrome Effect

Chrome effect powder coat with the castling detail still showing through…

Ceramic Coated Car Parts

Ceramic Coated Car Parts

Ceramic coated car parts – ceramic coating comes with a range of benefits, including improving the thermal efficiency of the engine system and reducing radiated heat levels on all exhaust components.

Porsche Parts

Porsche Parts

Porsche parts finished in Glacier silver ceramic coating. Contact us for more information on the types of ceramic coating we offer.

Finished in ceramic thin film coating.

Although this manifold has seen better days we have extended its life and efficiency by blast cleaning and applying our plasma coat system, this will help to reduce heat radiation and offer protection from corrosion and help with metal fatigue.

Powder coating is one of the most advanced coating processes available and offers a long land durable finish.

Powder coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products.

The dry powder coating process involves electro statically charged that are sprayed onto a electrically grounded surface. The substrate is then heated and cured while the powder is baked on. The result is a uniform, durable,high-quality finish with exterior durability, Polyester powders are particularly resistant to ultra violet radiation.

There is a good Colour selection with dead mat to high gloss finishes available. A range Textured finishes and special effects  are also available.

The Powder coating process is environmentally safe with virtually no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound)_released during the application and curing of the powder.

Why does it need shot blasting?

In short, it removes all contaminants such as rust, old paint etc and gives a good canvas and key to start the powder or painting process,and at the same time, it normally reveals any problems such as corrosion weakness or broken weld joints. Good preparation is paramount to a good long lasting finish.

When products do not need blast cleaning  our new three stage cleaning & phosphate machine will be employed this further ensures a clean and etched surface for any powder or paint to adhere too.

Phosphating Follow the link below for further information.


How can we offer our unique  warranties.

Simple by using the correct methods and high quality materials and experienced staff along with quality plant & equipment. Please do not be fooled by some who offer a cheap job, we have seen the results and they are not pretty. It will cost you more in the long run. Do It once do it right.

We also offer Aqua and bead blast cleaning for the more gentle approach to valuable products.

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Various Powder Coated Car Parts by MSBPCL

Engine Parts Black Chrome

Porsche silver powder coat

Zinc metallisation coatings offer long term protection for car chassis, car panels etc…